Bead-in: $82+/hr
Clip-in: $82+/hr
Crown (halo) $82+/hr
Bead and sew-in: $82+/hr
Tape-in: $82+/hr
Feathers: $5/group
Tinsel: $5/group
Consultation: $14
Removal $19
*Price shown does not include hair. Must come in for an extension consultation in order to purchase hair*  

Hair Extensions

Extensions are a great way to boost your confidence! Whether you need more volume, length, a pop of color, or to add thickness to your hair, extensions are a great option! We can order the hair for you, or you can bring in your hair to have it installed. 

With so many different types of extensions out there, let’s look into each type we offer so you can make an educated decision on what type may be best for you! Bead-in extensions are great if you have multiple colors in your hair and need a very blended look. They are also great if you just need them in one specific spot to fill in vs all over your head. Bead-ins are very versatile and movable, so if you like to do different styles, this would be a great option for you! Clip-in extensions are best if you want to be able to add or remove them whenever on your own. You can pick different colors with clip-ins as well for a fun and temporary look. Crowns (also known as halo’s) are great if you want to be able to add or remove them as well. Crowns are usually quicker to install as well! Bead and Sew-in extensions are our most popular type, where we both put a bead in your hair and sew it in. It’s a quick install and is great for those who need thickness and length! There are different weft options depending on your hair type! Tape-in extensions are great for really fine hair or if you don’t want a lot of fullness. Still unsure? No problem! Come in and book an Extension Consult so we can help you on your journey!