Style & Makeup

Event Updo $37+
Head of Curls $37+
Special Event Makeup (Bring your own makeup) $37+
Makeup Application Lesson (Bring your own makeup) $37+
Airbrush $102+

When it comes to style and makeup, we have many services for you to choose from. Each of these services is coupled with a beUtofullness consultation. Through this consultation and by using our beUtofullness formula, we will be able to help create a style for you that perfectly matches your body form, face shape, skin tone, hair type, and personality.

Our Specialty Makeup/Makeup Application service is a great choice for those going to prom, dressing up for Halloween, or other special events. It is also a great service for those who just want to learn how to do their everyday makeup. When you come in for these types of appointments, we ask that you bring your personal makeup and our stylists will teach you how to apply it. For those who need their makeup done professionally for a photoshoot, we also have the option of getting your makeup done by airbrush. Benefits of airbrush makeup are that because the makeup is applied through a very fine mist, you get a very smooth and flawless look without the feeling of makeup weighing down on your skin.

Need your hair done for a special occasion? Our event updo service will be perfect for you. Using our beUtofullness formula we will match your dress, personality, and style. To make sure we create the finished product that you want, we will have you send us a picture of the hairstyle you have in mind.

Need a beautiful set of curls atop your head for a special occasion? We’ve got you covered. Our Head of Curls service is perfect for events or special occasions such as prom, bridesmaids, mother of the bride, etc. When you set up an appointment for this service, the stylist will create curls that work best for YOU based on our beUty formula. This service does not include a shampoo, but is a style service that provides curling your hair all over your head.

Our Makeup Application Lesson is a great service for many different people. Whether you are new to makeup and would like to be taught how to properly apply it if you have new makeup that you would like to add onto your current look, or if you are ready to make a change to your current makeup application process - this is the perfect service for you. When you come in for your Makeup Application Lesson you will bring your own makeup and our stylists will teach you the best way to apply it to your specific face shape.

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