Nail Extensions
- Hard Gel Full Set $46
- Hard Gel Fill $32
- Hard Gel Repair (up to 2 nails) $10
- Removal $15
Gel Polish
- Manicure* $25
- Pedi Add On $10
- Removal $10
- Change (Manicure) $36
- Change (Toes) $20
Pedicures (Comes with regular polish)
- Basic $34
- Spa $44
- Gel Polish Add On $10
Regular Polish
- Manicure $20
- Nail/Toe Polish Only $10
*If you already have gel polish on and would like them reone, please schedule a change.

Having strong, healthy, and well-groomed nails is an important part of feeling and looking good. We offer many services that you can choose from to freshen up your nails for the season, a special occasion, or just for fun.

The first service we offer for nails is a manicure. Getting a manicure will keep your hands looking young and feeling good. Our manicure services include removing old polish, soaking your hands in warm soapy water, cleaning and shaping your nails, giving your hands and lower arm a massage, and applying nail polish. We also have the option of upgrading to gel polish. If you already have gel polish on your nails and just want to get it removed, we can also do that. For removing gel polish we offer a 10-minute removal using a Dremel drill or a 20-minute removal using pure acetone and a hand file.

The next nail service we offer is a basic pedicure. This is a 20-minute service, and you can choose from two options. The first option is having your toenails cleaned up, calluses worked on, and have lotion applied. The second option is to receive a foot scrub, massage, and have your nails painted all while sitting in the massage chair.

Even men can benefit from pedicures because this service can help remove dead skin on the feet, remove and prevent build-up around the toenails, prevent any possible nail infections, and help with the relaxation of your feet. Overall pedicures will make anyone’s feet look, feel, and even smell better.

If you are looking for a longer and more relaxing pedicure, upgrade to the spa pedicure. This is a 45-minute pedicure where you will sit in the massage chair while we will soak your feet in a milk bath to remove any existing polish, clean up and shape your toenails, work on your calluses with a file and scrub, give you a lotion massage for your feet and legs, a paraffin wax, and apply toenail polish.

It is always an option to add on gel polish. The nice thing about gel polish is that you can go for at least 2 weeks without it chipping, unlike regular nail polish.

Other nail services you will find available here at Tami’s Salon include gel nail repairs, nail paint design by our talented beauticians, nail painting, gel polish on toenails, nail polish on toes, paraffin wax on hands or feet, and additional time in the massage chairs.

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