Manicure Prices


Regular Polish Manicure: $20+
Kid's Polish $10+
Gel Polish  
-Gel Polish Manicure $26+
-Gel Polish Change Manicure $31+
-Gel Polish Removal $10+
Fiber Gel  
-Fiber Gel Manicure $30+
-Fiber Gel Fill $35+
-Fiber Gel Removal $20+
Full Set  
-Full Set Hard Gel $47+
-Gel Fill $36.75+
-Hard Gel Removal $15.25+
-Acrylic/Dip Removal $20.50+
Nail Art: $5+

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Having strong, healthy, and well-groomed nails is an important part of feeling and looking your best! We offer a variety of services that you can choose from to freshen up your nails, whether it be for a special occasion, changing of seasons, or just for fun! Manicures really are a great option for keeping your hands looking young and feeling good! Let’s explore the different services so you can choose which option is right for you!

Regular polish is a great option for those who want a quick color put on. We will take off any old, regular polish and prep your nails before applying the perfect polish color you choose! Something to keep in mind is regular polish doesn’t last as long as our other options, and because it doesn’t cure for 24 hours it is prone to smudging. 

If you’re needing a polish that is more durable than regular polish then a Gel Polish Manicure may be the option for you! Generally, you can go 2-3 weeks without chipping. We will prep your nails before applying the perfect color you choose and cure it under a UV LED light! Nail art is also something to consider having fun with if you get a gel polish manicure. Once you’re ready to refresh the look, you can book a Gel Polish Change Manicure service to get the old gel polished removed and new put on. Since gel polish takes longer to remove than regular, we do offer Gel Polish Removal as well.

One of our most popular nail services is our Fiber Gel Manicure. Fiber gel offers your nails an added layer of protection, which makes it great if you’re wanting your natural nails to grow. It also has Keratin in it for added strength! With the extra layer of adhesion it offers, your nails can last 4+ weeks! We will prep your nails before applying the fiber gel, cure it under an UV LED light, then apply the perfect color and designs with gel polish on top! Once you’re ready to switch it up, you can book a fiber gel change service!

Many long for beautiful, long nails but their natural nail just isn’t up to par. That’s where our Full Sets come in! Using hard gel that we cure under an UV LED light, we can give you the length, shape, and design you’re looking for! Once you’re ready to change things up or refresh the look, book a Gel Fill with us so we can keep your nails looking great! If you ever find yourself wanting them removed, we offer a removal service as well.


We wouldn’t want to leave your feet out of the pampering! We offer pedicures that are perfect for you! It’s as simple as choosing the pedicure you’d like and then the polish option! It really is that easy! With all of our pedicures you can relax and unwind in our pedicure massage chairs to help relieve some of the stress and pent up tension you may be feeling.

Our Express Pedicure is a 20 minute service where we’ll clean up your toenails and let your feet sit in a relaxing soak as we pamper you with a foot scrub and your choice of a relaxing foot massage or getting your calluses worked on! 

Our Spa Pedicure is a 45 minute pedicure where we pull out all the stops, just for you! When you need Pedicures in Rexburg, we clean up your toenails while you relax in a foot soak then start on your foot scrub and work on your calluses. For your foot massage, if you choose, we can turn it up a notch and treat you to a hot stone foot massage for no additional charge!

Polish options for pedicures include regular polish and gel polish. Regular polish is quick and easy! Something to keep in mind is regular polish doesn’t last as long as our other options, and because it doesn’t cure for 24 hours it is prone to smudging. If you feel like you need something longer lasting than regular polish, upgrading to gel polish is a great idea! Because we cure the polish under a UV LED light the polish lasts 2-3 weeks without chipping! Already have gel polish on your toes? No problem! Be sure to book a Gel Polish Change so we can remove the old gel polish and put on a fresh, new coat!

At Tami's Salon and Spa, our Pedicures in Rexburg can also benefit men as well! Pedicures aren’t just about the cute toes! Pedicures can help remove dead skin, prevent buildup and possible nails infections around the toenail, and help in relaxation by relaxing the feet! Have smelly feet? It’s okay! Pedicures can help with that, too! We even offer a simple Toe Trim and Clean Up if you need us to help do a quick clean up.

Kids shouldn’t be left out of the pedicure party either! If your kiddo wants to have polish on their toes, bring them in for our Kid’s Toe Polish and where we can apply their choice of polish to their toes! This service is for children under 12.

Pedicure Prices


Spa Pedicure: Includes nail care, foot soak and scrub, hot stone foot massage and callus work.  
-Regular Polish $44+
-Gel Polish $54+
-Gel Polish Change $59+
Express Pedicure: Includes nail are, foot soak and scrub with your choice of a foot massage or callus work.  
-Regular Polish $34+
-Gel Polish $44+
-Gel Polish Change $49+
Gel Polish Removal $10+
Kid's Toe Polish $10+