Women's Haircut $32+
Men's Haircut $20+
Girl's Haircut (11 & under) $18+
Boy's Haircut (11 & under) $15+
Bang Trim $11+
Men's Clean Up $10+
Men's Beard Trim $10+

Here at Tami’s Salon, we do more than simply cut hair. When you come in for a haircut at our hair salon, you will never want to go back to that $5 barber ever again. What makes a haircut at Tami’s Salon so different from any regular salon you may ask? Here at Tami’s Salon, each of our stylists receives up to date beUtofullness education that gives them the ability to understand what looks best for each client’s unique body type, face shape, skin tone, hair type. Our beUtofullness formula is not about us. It was created for you. We use this formula in many of our appointments to help you look your very best. In addition to our beUtofullness education, we bring outside vendors in to further our education and keep each of our stylists up to date on the latest styles, trends, products, and practices in the beauty industry. As you can see, we believe that education is important. Not only do we believe in educating our stylists, but when you come in for a haircut we will give you expert advice that will educate you on how to best take care of your unique hair. We will teach you to understand the products you need and will give you the tools you need to take care of your hair by yourself. Everything that we do here at Tami’s Salon is for the benefit of our clients.

The first time you come into our salon for an appointment you will receive a free beUtofullness consultation. When you come in for a beUtofullness consultation, we sit down and talk with you to help you understand how you are made; meaning your face shape, skin tone, body form, and hair type. Understanding how each of our clients is uniquely made gives us the ability to diagnose what hairstyles and colors will look best on each person individually rather than just going off of a picture. Consultations will only take a few minutes and are an important part of our beUtofullness process that leads to our success in meeting our client's needs. Make sure that when you come in for an appointment you plan a few extra minutes of time for this consultation.

Using our beUtofullness formula, we offer women’s haircuts for $32+, men’s haircuts for $20+, girl’s haircuts for $18+, and boy’s haircuts for $18+ (girls and boys haircuts include ages 11 and under). The variation of prices depends on the length of hair and difficulty of style. Longer hair and more difficult styles may cost a few dollars for additional time needed. Each of these haircut appointments come with a beUtofullness consultation, a wash, blow-dry, style, and education on how to take care of your hair. Other hair cutting services we offer include men’s beard trim for $10+, bang trim for $11+ or free between appointments, and men’s clean up which includes grooming of the neck and ears for $10+ or free in between appointments.

Call (208) 356-7161 or schedule an appointment online today to receive the haircut that you have been dreaming of. We look forward to meeting you!

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